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Easy Peasy Tip: Make Veggie Stock!

By tinychoices | June 14, 2008

vegstock.jpgWhen you’re cooking a lot of vegetables during the summer you end up with a lot of vegetable peelings and scrapings. Rather than worry about how to compost them (though there are a lot of great options out there), how about turning those vegetable peelings into tasty and useful veggie stock? Vegeyum writes:

Form the basis of stocks from left over vegetable peelings – onion, carrots, pumpkin, leek, celery – whatever you are cooking. Throw in some water from cooking lentils. Add half a lemon (no need to peel or cut it up) and a tomato. Garlic. Ginger. Whatever you have

Thanks to Brandy for the tip!

Photo from creative commons user flit under creative commons license.

Any favorite stock techniques or ingredients?

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Comment by Vegeyum
2008-06-14 06:51:50

Thank you for linking to my site.

I see that you use the creative common agreement. That’s great that you do. I wonder whether you would make it clearer that the words in the box are a direct quote from vegeyum.wordpress.com? Currently the attribution is not clear.

Thanks very much. Have a good weekend.

Comment by brandy
2008-06-14 12:51:33

vegeyum, you do have a point there. maybe this article about good practices will help the “tiny choosers.”

right now i notice a blockquote is being used–surely the “cite” attribute should be used along with it!

Comment by Vegeyum
2008-06-14 17:01:31

Thanks, Brandy, that is exactly what I was suggesting. With the demise of Tastespotting, the issue of copyright is very hot right now.

Comment by brandy
2008-06-15 09:08:36

omg, i saw that yesterday. so sad!!! i wonder when we’ll find out what the whole story is… there’s already some copycat websites popping up (ironically).

Comment by Karina
2008-06-15 20:32:16

sorry about that vegeyum! I hoped link directly above the quote would be clear but I’ll make it more so.

Comment by Vegeyum
2008-06-16 18:28:40

Thank you!

2008-06-14 06:56:49

[...] Choices has a great little post on using vegetable peelings, including indoor composting and vegetable stocks. They say: Rather than [...]

Comment by Bellen
2008-06-14 08:49:28

To make a richer veggie stock – roast the veggies in a 350 degree oven (while using the oven for another purpose) until they start to carmelize, that is, turn brown on the edges. Do not let them burn!! This will make for a richer, deeper flavor and a richer color.

2008-06-14 16:25:37

YUM! This is one of things I always think to do, and never get around to – thanks for some motivation!

2008-06-14 17:42:38

[...] Easy Peasy Tip: Make Veggie <b>Stock</b>! [...]

Comment by shawnee
2008-06-14 18:41:03

i use mark bittman’s suggestion (just one of many!) of browning the veggies before adding the water. yum.

Comment by Nicole
2008-06-14 21:01:26

This is something I do throughout the year, saving bits in the freezer until I have enough to make stock. Although, that was pre-NatureMill. Probably will be doing that only with bones and really fibrous veggies now.


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