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Eco-Eatery Serves Up A “Green Girls” Calendar

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | October 14, 2008

I’m lucky enough to live within biking distance of Habana Outpost, NYCs first eco-eatery and an all around awesome community hotspot.  Besides being a fun place to have a drink and amazing corn on the cob, they’re about as green as a restaurant can be. Check out this map of their environmental initiatives and a PDF of their green facts: they’ve got a solar system, worm composting, potato starch-based compostable utensils, bagasse plates, PLA corn cups, a bike-powered blender ($1 off if you bike your own smoothie or margarita–just as cool as Ed’s bike-powered toaster!), seat cushions made from old sails instead of vinyl, and reclaimed building materials incorporated into the restaurant construction.

They’ve even implemented rainwater and greywater systems (ya’ll know how we love greywater): “In the bathroom, a “greywater sink” makes use of hand washing water. When you wash your hands, the water is then filtered by a series of plants before it is re-routed back to the toilet tank.”

There’s also a non-profit arm of the eco-eatery, Habana Labs, which is “…dedicated to researching, developing, applying and teaching the best technology related to ecology and sustainable energy… the Lab will serve as a focal point and resource for the sometimes high-tech, always hands-on projects that are part of Habana Works’ mission.”

Their new 2009 Chicas Habas (“Girls Gone Green”) calendar might help coolify and mainstream some of the environmental initiatives the company is engaged in.  While I’m not a proponent of objectifying women, I do think it’s pretty neat that the photos sex-up compost stations and veggie-oil cars (as if compost weren’t sexy enough in the first place!)  Hey Habana: how about including pin-up men in the 2010 calendar, and making it equal-opportunity eco-objectification?

The proceeds from the sale of this calendar (which is printed with soy ink on recycled paper) go to Habana Works, which “offers free programs that educate, unite and engage our neighborhood in environmentally conscious thought and action.” The calendar itself is printed with soy ink on recycled paper, and would make great repurposed gift wrap come 2010.

[Via Treehugger]

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Comment by christie
2008-10-14 11:19:29

is it just me, or when you think of eco-eatery you also think vegetarian?

i mean, it is SUPER cool that they have solar, compost and reuse … but i just don’t get how the steak and chicken fit in there?

Comment by christie
2008-10-14 11:20:57

oooh, i’ve lost my skill at posting links …


sorry. :(

Comment by Mickey Z.
2008-10-14 18:18:21

I had the same reaction, Christie (I mean about thinking veggie and eco, not about judging your link-posting skills)

2009-12-21 15:46:24

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