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Your Guide To Greenwashing

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | December 31, 2008

greenwashguide.jpgTiny Choices reader Steph wrote in to let us know about this awesome Greenwash Guide (PDF), produced by the UK communcations/sustainability agency Futerra.  I’ve found it to be an incredibly informative guide, wrapped up with cheeky humor and great design.

As Futerra explains in the Two Minute Version (page 3):

“Greenwash is with us, and unless we take action, it is likely to be with us to stay. Greenwash is an environmental claim which is unsubstantiated (a fib)or irrelevant (a distraction). Found in advertising, PR or on packaging, and made about people, organisations and products. Greenwash is an old concept, wrapped in a very modern incarnation.”

Give it a read and let us know: what are your thoughts on greenwashing?

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2009-01-01 14:55:00

[...] If you’re tired of raising a skeptical eyebrow at all those clean coal ads, you’re not alone. In fact, Futerra, an eco-motivated communications agency in the U.K., has gone so far as to put together The Greenwash Guide (PDF) to help separate the real green dreals from the greenwashing. (via Tiny Choices) [...]

Comment by TrudyJ
2009-01-03 06:30:11

I figure this is something we’ve all gotten used to with bogus nutritional claims on food packaging (ie. “NOW FAT FREE” on a tin of beans when, of course, they never did contain fat nor did any other beans) so it’s just a matter of looking out for it in another area and continuing to have a healthy suspicion of corporations.

2009-01-09 09:13:53

[...] How green is that product or company, really? Tiny Choices can help with a guide to greenwashing. [...]


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