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DIY Lampshades

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | May 21, 2009

stringlamps2.jpgI’ve got two lighting situations in my apartment which seriously need an upgrade, but am having trouble deciding between a few totally cool crafty ideas.   My criteria is, as always, to use what I’ve got before purchasing anything new.

There are two ceiling fixtures in my long hallway, and which are currently both very simple/cheapo glass deals.  I’m thinking of doing a glass mosaic like this, using those pretty glass blobs which are sold at stained glass places.  The color options are endless, and all I’d need to buy are the blobs and grout.

On the other hand, I’ve been totally swooning over the ReadyMade string lamp,  which is a DIY version of the Random lamp which sells for, at minimum, $510.  Hello?  It’s beautiful, but the ReadyMade version is exactly the same but better ’cause it’s homemade.  I found the same concept over at CraftyNest, where she makes this lamp using hemp string– it’s a gorgeously natural look!

I also love this version of a capiz-shell lamp, made with laminated rice paper (it’s similar to this version at DWR, which is currently on sale for $350).  The lamination (!plastic!) means I probably won’t go down this path, but I’m thinking through some alternate, more eco, materials.  Any ideas?

And finally, there’s an off-white lampshade in my bedroom which is just sobbing for help.  I painted it with  beet juice a few years ago, which worked better in theory than in practice– the pretty color faded very quickly, and now it just looks splotchy.  So, given that I’ve got tons of fabric on hand, I’ll just take some of that and make a new cover for the shade– a nearly no-impact upgrade to an existing wonderful old brass lamp.

Do you have any projects in the queue, and if so, how are you greening them up?

[Image via ReadyMade]

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