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DIY: Holiday Crafting Ideas?

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | November 17, 2009

diy lined zippered pouchIt’s that time of year again– visions of Christmas are beginning to infiltrate our lives, even before Thanksgiving has arrived.  And for those of us who tend to make the holiday gifts we give, instead of buy them, the mounting panic of “not enough time!” might be starting to creep into our thoughts.

So!  Let’s head that off at the pass!

When I think about what to make for holiday gifts, I tend to lean towards things I can make a whole bunch of at one time– then I can get into a groove with the production, and churn out a bunch of similar things in one fell swoop.  Last year I made sweet little zippered lined pouches (see photo on the left) using reclaimed fabric samples and this amazing tutorial– I made about 20 of them, and by grouping together the pattern tracing, cutting, pinning, and sewing, I finished in one long afternoon.  Each pouch was unique and tailored to the recipient by fabric choice and machine-embroidered word patch.

So now I’m wondering what to make for this year… many of our Eco DIY posts would be great for holiday gifts,  though I think most folks on my list have all the crocheted dish scrubbies they need…

Our dear friend Kayte Terry of This Is Love Forever has a fabulous new book out, titled “Appliqué Your Way“, and it’s inspired me to try my hand at some simple applique.  I’m thinking of finding nearly-new tshirts and sweatshirts at thriftshops, and appliqueing appropriate designs for lots of people on my list.  This would be great for kids and adults alike, and I love thinking about the perfect applique for each person– a sail boat for one, a rock climber for another…

Another super eco-crafty & super easy gift is DIY record bowls– although most folks I know have seen these/made these/have already received them as gifts from everyone under the sun, if your circle of friends has never seen the idea, you’ll be a crafty superstar!

So: what are your ideas for eco-DIY holiday gifts?

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2009-11-17 11:23:31

as a happy recipient of both Jenn’s amazingly well crafted small zippered pouch AND a record bowl made by friend-of-tiny-choices Michelle, I fully endorse this post!

Comment by Condo Blues
2009-11-23 22:37:31

Last year I made stocking stuffers – the ladies got peppermint sugar scrubs (in reused small salsa jars), the guys got peppermint bark, the dogs got homemade allergy free peanut butter treats and braided fleece chew toys (a great use for scrap fleece from sewing projects.)

This year the women and girls are getting Buttercup purses (which helped me use some of my fabric stash), the men and boys are getting sleep pants in their favorite sports team fabric.

The dogs are getting hand embroidered personalized bone applique towels.

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