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My Moldy Razor

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | October 28, 2010

moldyrazor.jpgA bit of slightly embarrassing personal information: the soft plasticy handle of my razor is discolored by a black mold.  Yuck!

I use a Gilette Venus razor, which I bought about three years ago.  I wanted to buy a good razor which worked well, so I wouldn’t have to replace it.  Of course I wanted one with refillable razor heads, instead of a fully disposable razor, to minimize unnecessary plastic waste.  So I spent more bucks than I normally would on such things and made the purchase.  Where the razor companies really get you is in the cost of the refillable heads– these things cost bucks, and it shocks me every time I have to buy more (which isn’t that often, to be honest, since I’m not always so good at maintaining these kinds of girly-type activities).

I keep my razor in the shower, and not too long after purchase, the handle started to host a black mold.  I had a little bleach under my kitchen sink, so I diluted it with water and soaked the razor handle for a few days, which seemed to lighten the mold color but not remove the stuff entirely.  I’m now out of bleach and won’t buy it again unless I absolutely need to,   so, since then I’ve been living with a moldy razor.

Which is really not a big deal, obviously– it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the razor blades, or the quality of the shave.  But it’s the kind of thing that just looks icky, and as such makes me want to toss the whole thing in the trash and start over.  I won’t, of course, because, you know, tiny choices.  So I guess I’m going to live with my moldy razor until  one of you tells me how to get rid of it!

Do you have any eco-friendly tips for removing mold?

[Image by Scott Feldstein via Creative Commons]

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Comment by DK
2010-10-28 10:06:51

I don’t really have any suggestions for the moldy razor, sorry. I have been wanting a safety razor for about a year now, but it just hasn’t been in the finances with not having a job and whatnot. I *almost* made one package of plastic disposables last this whole year. Until my fiance got a hair up his bum and decided shaving his face out of nowhere after not shaving at all for months and months was a good idea.

Comment by Holly
2010-10-28 11:20:03

Well, it’s not a whole lot better, but if you have some hydrogen peroxide around you could soak it in that, it works fairly well on mold. Or, you could try placing it outside in direct sunlight for a few days (not letting it get wet at night). Of course, it works best if you dry it after using it and keep it in a dry place between uses. (I know this is a pain because I usually wind up having to make a wet trip out of the shower to retrieve the razor, but the blades stay sharp way longer.)

Comment by Phillis
2010-10-28 12:58:35

Tea Tree Oil is a universal mold killer. Wipe the handle down and place in the sun to dry .

Comment by Karina
2010-10-28 13:52:11

not a way to get rid of it, but I bet you could do some cool embroidery floss macrame around the handle of the razor. you’d have to replace it occasionally, but it would make it look so cute!

Comment by Heather
2010-10-28 15:13:49

uhhhhhhhhh…….please tell me this macrame suggestion is some kind of indisde joke.

SUNLIGHT!!! That is all you need to kill that mold.

Comment by Lauren
2010-10-28 19:44:03

Can you keep a little spray bottle (recycled, of course) of rubbing alcohol in the tub and spritz it down after each use?

Comment by Miriam
2010-10-29 00:34:31

Disposable razors are tricky. My boyfriend got an old safety razor at an antique store and you just put razor blades in it. He buys shave soap which costs about $20 for a bar and it lasts him the whole year, so if after the initial investment of the razor and shave brush he has quite a deal going on.

I don’t know that I’ll ever feel like using a safety razor on my legs, though.

Comment by Michelle
2010-11-01 20:52:41

This happened to me once, and I put just the handle (not the razor blade) into the utensil part of my dishwasher when I did a load of dishes, and it came out spotless. I now keep my razor out of the shower and only take it in when I’m going to shave, and I try to keep it dry otherwise.

Comment by Pipp
2010-11-02 06:03:52

Sunlight and tea tree oil are the best. Vinager is also not to shabby at killing mold. but still drying it out somehow is the best preventative method.


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