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Greening Mail

By Jenn (TinyChoices.com) | August 17, 2011

Remember sending actual letters, in actual envelopes, through the actual mail?

I’ve still got boxes of old correspondence in storage, and I just can’t let go of them.  They remind me of a time when I took real time to sit with pen and paper and write– by hand– my thoughts to a dear friend somewhere around the world.  And then they wrote me back, with their pens and their ink and their hearts.  If I have any treasure, it’s those letters!

Well, at this point, who sends actual letters?  It seems to be an incredibly occasional thing these days, and to be honest I can’t remember the last time I sent personal snail mail.  But!  When I do!  I like to think of ways to cut down on the footprint of that mail– and the easiest way is by reusing materials instead of using new ones.

For envelopes, it’s often easy to just reuse ones you’ve received– put a label over the original address label and you’re good to go.  Or check out these reusable envelopes which make it simple to open a letter and close it back up to send a reply.  When I was a kid and sent lots of mail and had lots of time, I loved making my own envelopes out of colorful magazine pages.

And the same goes for the stationary to write on– reusing paper you’ve got around is greenest, and wrapping paper comes in handy for this.  Or the backs of old maps, printouts, bills, or pages from books is super cool, especially if you cut them into fun shapes before writing.  Of course, using eco-friendly papers in the first place is the way to go– tree-free papers such as hemp, sugar cane, kenaf and elephant-poo paper (yes, really) are the way to go.

Have you hand-written any letters lately?  If so, what was your stationary of choice?

[Image by Bogdan via Creative Commons]

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