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Easy Peasy Tip: Try a teleconference!

By Karina | January 14, 2012

These days it can be really hard to collaborate with other people. We all live far away we have busy lives, and lordy, what a lot of gas to drive between places. So if you have to go to a meeting, try collaborating with a teleconference! If you ‘ve got a good group of people, it can be a wonderful experience. It’s easy to set up with free tools like wiggio for conference calls, or skype or google hangouts for video. Not only will you be saving on time and fossil fuels, but you can also have your slippers on, enjoy a cup of hot tea, and even slurp down some dinner while you’re meeting.

Just be warned – the cat WILL jump right in front of the table, the kids WILL scream even more before bed, and you will probably feel shortly after starting the call that maybe you should have taken off your funny hat and puffy vest to be a little more professional. And use the restroom before you start!

Photo from Karina’s recent google+ hangout to discuss exciting Cooper Union things!

Have you used online collaboration tools? Do you have any favorites? What about hilarious goofy stories during the collaboration?

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2012-01-15 14:12:09

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Comment by Amy
2012-01-19 13:21:59

My dance troupe used gchat to conduct a troupe meeting when I was too sick to meet up. We were able to email each other choreography notes and sketches, talk about music choices (while listening to them) and get the “what costume to wear” discussions out of the way. Considering that can take up a lot of time it was really productive and I didn’t expose my troupe mates to my germs.


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