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Ask me your questions!

By Karina | March 12, 2012

Hi there friends!

It’s been a couple-a-three weeks since any new content has come up here at TinyChoices.com. I’m sorry about that! I had a busy couple of weeks and have been a touch ill as well. When I tell you that the last six days straight have involved me stumbling upstairs and climbing into bed by 9PM I am not exaggerating.

But! I want to write more about Tiny Choices, and I want to hang out with this neat community a little more frequently.

Now, a LONG time ago we had a regular (irregular?) Q&A feature on the site. People would post questions and Jenn and I would do our very best to answer them. I’d love to do that again!

so let’s try this again: leave a question about anything – really! but especially environmentally related or with respect to tiny choosing – and we will do our best to answer them for you!

now my job is to go back and double check the original questions post for any that haven’t been answered yet… whoo hoo!

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1 Comment

Comment by Jacki
2012-05-21 13:40:25

I found your website this morning in a quest to find instructions on building my own indoor composter, similar in concept to the NatureMill Composter. My husband and I were considering purchasing one but due to limited financial resources would love to find a way to make our own, as far-fetched as that seems. We are building a solar oven and a solar dehydrator next weekend for my birthday. We are currently burying our compost since our bin is full and needs to be turned a few more weeks before we can start using it again, and the cute pig-rolling compost bin we purchased a few years ago did not hold up, is falling apart. Instead of fixing it in the smelly heat, we decided to examine this idea. The very thought of producing compost in 2 – 4 weeks makes me giddy. Thank you,
Blessings, Jackie Smith, Benton, Arkansas


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