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New Shower Curtains!

By Karina | January 23, 2012

It’s no secret that for several years I have struggled with unsightly shower curtains. In my last apartment the curtain was in tatters by the time I moved away but I didn’t want to buy a new one! The house I live in now requires two shower curtains – one to protect the unfinished window sills in the tub, and one to protect the rest of the bathroom from the shower splatter – and they were also both held together with duct tape and getting incredibly disgusting with mold and soap scum. The last time we washed the curtains they started to split, so they were also held together with duct tape.

Now for nearly four years I’ve been publicly announcing my intentions to sew my own curtains. The way I see it: cloth curtains could be washed without concern of shattering or shredding. Plus by sewing curtains I would be avoiding the purchase of new shower curtains that would be either PVC or another plastic, heavily treated cotton, or incredibly expensive.

So this weekend when I had a free hour I sat down and made two shower curtains.

I know! So exciting, right? The first photo is the curtain that protects the window – my partner already had this fabric in his stash. I had to hem the top and the bottom to make a neat seam.

The second is from an old sheet we had stashed in the fabric closet. It was just about the right width, and all we had to do was cut it shorter on the bottom (so it doesn’t soak up all the water from the bottom of the tub. That was just one hem.

And then I put in grommets – which is not the best or most fun thing to do. I have a grommet tool already and we just had to buy some extra grommets to complete the job.

and Hey Presto! Finally we have new and beautiful shower curtains. I am so thrilled about this! And further, it’s really improved the quality of shower I can take. The water is so quiet when it hits the cloth that there is no comparison to the old plastic curtains we’d used for so long.

And I especially like that we had the majority of the materials ready at home to make the curtains!

What kind of shower curtain are you using in your home?

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Comment by Morgan
2012-01-23 21:22:36

You just used the cotton sheet with no waterproofing? It doesn’t get soaked during the shower and start to drip everywhere? Hmmmmm…. Very cool!

Comment by Karina
2012-01-23 21:30:52

It does get soaked – but it hangs inside of the tub, not outside, so I am not sure if it’s dripping or not. It’s been drying out between showers with no problems, though!

Comment by Pam
2012-01-26 23:51:21

I too switched to a cotton shower curtain. Like you said it’s quieter than the plastic ones and when its dirty I can just toss it in the wash. For years I’d noticed that certain hotels had switched to cotton so I thought…hmm..why not at home too! Since it’s inside the shower the water that drips from it goes into the shower, and the cotton is thick enough that if water hits it directly it doesn’t go through to the floor outside. Plus I think since it dries so good between showers that mildew doesn’t have a moist place to start growing either.

Thanks for sharing! I’m a new reader and will be back!

Comment by Maggie
2012-01-27 14:33:02

hmm, interesting! we have some kind of presumably-toxic coated fabric curtain. the nice thing is that it is totally machine washable unlike plastic. I would worry about water soaking through and hitting the floor outside the tub with the cotton one. We have really poor ventilation in our bathroom (there’s no fan and our landlord calls it “passive ventilation” which is a nice way of saying “just keep the door open” ha ha) so it already gets so damp in there… keep up updated!


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