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Repurpose! Jars Edition!

By tinychoices | January 27, 2012

Let’s take a quick internet tour of some interesting repurpose projects. Maybe y’all will find some weekend project inspiration!

We love JARS. glass jars! they’re hefty and heavy, sure, but they are super durable and you can be positive that the jar itself (though perhaps not the cap) is chemical-free. How can we keep showing jars the love after we’ve exhausted their original contents? Here are some neat ideas from the internet!

[[Photo from flickr user Chiot's Run via creative commons license.]]

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Comment by Terry Rawlinson
2012-01-28 16:03:24

Use them to put wind-proof candles on out door tables, salad shakers for lunch, chili or soup carriers also for lunch,(remove lid to heat) I-Spy jars for little ones.

Comment by Jenn Sutherland
2012-02-04 11:53:58

I share your glass jar love! All of our beans, grains, dried fruit, nuts, and gluten free flours are stored in 1 quart mason jars. I use a paint pen to label the tops of the jars, but they look so pretty lined up in the pantry, and I can always see what I’m running low on easily. Pint jars are my go-to for taking my lunches to work – easily portions leftovers, and makes reheating easy, and prevents spills as my bag gets jostled around on public transit or bike.

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2012-02-24 10:02:10

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Comment by poppy
2012-03-01 17:54:52

When we were kids there were no plastic containers for our lunch and if a small jar came in to the house it was coveted as a lunch container.

2012-04-23 12:52:05

Thanks for these great tips on what we can do with old glass jars. There are endless possibilities as you have mentioned!


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